Flash Sliding Billboard Ad

In this video tutorial I go over how to create a Flash Sliding Billboard Ad that pushes the content of the page down when it expands. When I started working on this I couldn’t find any information out on the web for it, so I modified some JavaScript that we were currently using which only supported static images at the time. I worked out all the bugs and got it working for flash. So, I wanted to help other Designers out there who were looking as I was and came up empty handed. You will find the source files for this tutorial below!

Download Files



Very good job. I was looking for this tutorial for a few weeks. Finally i found it. Thanks a lot. Keep helping us in flash cs4. Especially in xml connections.


Good job m8, i had a Flash Sliding Billboard to make and couldnt really find any good info or sample files about it.
This was very helpfull, ty again!


Lifesaving. Got one of these ads thrown on my plate this week — having never done one before — and was able to work something out thanks to you. Huge thanks.


Yessss!!!! You have no idea how long I looked for some example flash files! Thank you so much, helped me in a huge way. What’s the possibility of doing a corner peel ad tutorial soon???


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