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Flash Sliding Billboard Ad 2

This is my second tutorial on Flash Sliding Billboard Ads. This is a more new and improved way than the first tutorial I did. The code is less and works much smoother. Also, a new feature was added allowing an option for the ad to expand open on browser load and then after a few seconds it will return to the smaller position.

Note: 05/06/2010 – I have updated the javascript with a cookie for the preview function. This way the ad will only expand/preview once on page load until the cookie time expires.

For the source files click here

Flash Sliding Billboard Ad

In this video tutorial I go over how to create a Flash Sliding Billboard Ad that pushes the content of the page down when it expands. When I started working on this I couldn’t find any information out on the web for it, so I modified some JavaScript that we were currently using which only supported static images at the time. I worked out all the bugs and got it working for flash. So, I wanted to help other Designers out there who were looking as I was and came up empty handed. You will find the source files for this tutorial below!

For the source files click here