Music Album Plugin Updates

Wordpress Music Album Plugin


Q: My album I created won’t load on the page.
A: Your permalinks may have gotten changed. If you change the permalinks to another option, save it, then change it back and save it, then it will correct the issue.

Q: The album page loads, but it doesn’t look right.
A: Make sure you have saved your settings to be sure the style is added to the albums.

Version 0.1
* Initial Release

Version 0.2
* The ability to add your song lyrics to the album has been added as well as a “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work) feature.

* The ability to add a form to a page that will allow your visitors to add a music album. To add this form to a page place the following shortcode into a page: [userAlbumPost]

You can add your song lyrics by going to the media library and selecting an MP3. Then scroll down to where you see the two options for NSWF and Song Lyrics. If you check the “NSFW” check box and click “update”, then that song will have a “NSFW” graphic next to the song title. This will let people know that the song may not be safe to listen to at work because of language.

For adding your lyrics, you can type your lyrics in the text area field and click update. But, if you want lyrics to appear for that album, then you will need to go back to your music album post and set “Enable song lyrics” to “Yes” and click “update”. Now, your lyrics will be available on that album. On the front end of the website, you will then see a Lyrics section with an icon. If you click on that icon for each song, then another window will load with the lyrics.

Version 0.3
* Fixed some conflict issues with other plugins.

Version 0.4
* Added an album list shortcode to list all albums on one page. To list all albums on one page place this shortcode [music_album_list] in a post or page.

Version 0.5
* Another update to fix conflicts with other themes and plugins.

Version 0.6
* Fixed some issues with defualt theme style overrides.

Version 0.7 – 08-16-2015
* Updated media uploader.

Version 0.8 – 10-20-2015
* Updated Media uploader again to account for latest wordpress changes. There were problems with ordering the audio files. Instructions are under new “Upload Tracks” button.