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WordPress Catfish Ad Plugin

My WordPress Catfish Ad Plugin by far beats the other one that is out there. This plugin allows you to upload your own images for your ad, along with it’s very own CUSTOMIZED AD TRACKING SYSTEM!! From the admin, you can ad a new Advertiser to go with the ad you are running, and track how many times the advertisement was “moused-over” and “clicked on”.

For only $6, you can have this amazing feature for your WordPress blog/site. See the video below to see how it all works!

Lightbox 2 Print (WordPress Plugin)

I’ve modified the Lightbox 2 plugin for wordpress to now have a “Print” option. This was needed for one of my clients to be able to print coupons once they clicked on the image to see the full version in lightbox. I’ve also added an option in the admin settings for lightbox 2 to turn “on” or “off” the print option.

To install the plugin, just go into your wordpress admin and click on “Plugins”. Then click “Add New” and choose the upload option. Upload the zip file and wordpress will install it for you. You can turn on the “Print” option under the “Settings” and then choose lightbox 2 in the admin. Enjoy!

If you like the plugin modification, then please leave me your comments. Thanks!

Lightbox 2 Print Screen Shot

To get the plugin click here